Fireplace Deals reserves the right to change the pricing and information of an item at any time. 

If prices on listings have changed it may take some time for the website to reflect an accurate price listing. If an item is ordered off the website after we have changed the price but before it was updated on the website, the customer will be notified by email, and given the option to either cancel the order or pay the difference. 

If an item price is lowered AFTER the purchase is made, Fireplace Deals will not refund the difference. 

Most listings have a photo to illustrate the product for your convenience and enjoyment. In some cases, the photo will not be a hundred percent match the product you are purchasing. For example, a fire pit table that is pictured in the color French Barrel Oak, but we also offer an option in the color, Silver Pine (not pictured, but still available for purchase.) Or another instance could include a set of gas logs that come in 18-inches, 24-inches, or 30-inches but we only have the 30-inch option pictured. 

Therefore, it is important to triple-check the details of your purchase because we will ship you the product you ordered, which is not always an exact match for the product pictured. 

If you believe there is a mistake with your order, please visit the submit a request form, or call us at 866-848-3473.

If you would like more information to visit the How to Modify or Cancel an Order help page. 

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