Our most impressive guarantee is our 30-Day Price Match Guarantee! * As part of our “Lowest Price Guarantee” if you find a price that is lower than ours, including the same products, service, and warranties within 30 days of purchasing your product, we promise to match that price.


It’s easy to qualify for our price match policy! That’s how confident we are you are getting the best deal possible through Fireplace Deals. If you happen to find a lower price from one of our competitors, contact us and if it meets the following guidelines, at the time of purchase, we’ll match the better price!


To qualify for our price match guarantee program, you must meet the following:


  • Confirmation of the lower price in writing. This can be on a website, an advertisement, flyer, email, etc.
  • If the item you are looking to purchase is licensed to us with a manufacturer’s authorized dealer policy, we can only match prices for that item from other authorized dealers.
  • If a manufacturer has a minimum sale price policy, we are obligated to not sell that product under a specific price Even if you find the product for a lower price elsewhere.
  • Price Match Guarantee excludes items on clearance, closeout items, non-retail sellers, private sales, membership clubs, and auction websites.
  • The product we are price matching must be in-stock and the exact same model and brand. Back-ordered items are not eligible.


*Price match guarantee includes product price with installation, permits, and warranties with competitor’s written proposal.

**The other company must offer comparable products, service, and warranty. The other company must provide a clear itemized quote.

† Please note we do not ship items directly to Canada, however we will ship to your desired US-based freight forwarder.


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