At Fireplace Deals, we strive for excellence. In the slim chance that you do receive a product with a faulty part or other defects, we would be pleased to help guide you through the manufacturer’s warranty process. Fireplace Deals is not a manufacturer, so all warranties provided through the company are for the product manufacturers.

Products that have been used or installed can no longer be returned. At this point is when the warranty coverage begins.

When submitting a warranty claim the manufacturer will require you to go through a troubleshooting process before they will process your claim. Whoever installed your product will need to troubleshoot the appliance. If the product is still not working the installer will then diagnose the product on-site, while working with a representative from the Fireplace Deals technical team. If this diagnosis leads to what Fireplace Deals considers a faulty part, we will then submit a warranty claim to the manufacturer for you.

Start the process by alerting us you want to use your warranty here.

See more about defective parts here.

It is then in the manufacturer’s hands to accept or deny your claim. This can take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks. Because claims can take up to a month to process it’s a good idea to test your unit in late summer (approximately a month before you think you’ll start using it) to make sure all the parts are still functioning properly.

If the claim is accepted your replacement pieces will be sent to you. This process will be the same as the process for exchanges. You will get a pre-paid label and must ship the defective parts back to the manufacturer within 30 days of receiving the replacement parts.

If the claim is rejected or needs more information before it can be declared, we will notify you as soon as possible.

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