Fireplace Deals wants you to be happy with the products you order. We set the highest standards for ourselves. With that said, in the tiny chance that you do receive a defective product we would be happy to guide you through the manufacturer’s warranty process. Fireplace Deals is not a manufacturer, and therefore all the warranties offered are through the manufacturers. We will act as a facilitator between you and the manufacturer. It will be the manufacturer that will review your claim of the defective part and decide to accept or reject your claim. Start the process by submitting an email request here.

See more on warranties here.

Depending on the warranty offered by the manufacturer and the type of product you have, you may receive a replacement part, or you’ll need to send the part back to the manufacturer for a repair. Sometimes even if the manufacturer is sending you a new part or product, they will still require you to send the defective part back to them for quality control.

If your product has been installed or used, it can no longer be returned. This is when the warranty on your product starts coverage.

If the warranty period has ended, we will not be able to send your claim to the manufacturer. We will continue to offer replacements for any parts or units if they are in stock. You will need to submit a ticket for pricing on specific parts or replacement units. We will however not be able to replace a discontinued item or its parts.

Fireplace Deals is not responsible for any reimbursement of labor cost or project delay due to defective goods. It is recommended you wait to schedule any installations until after the order has arrived so you may check for any damages or defective parts.

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