More often than not deliveries arrive with no damage. They arrive and are signed for in the best condition.  To ensure you have the best experience possible please follow these inspection guidelines to check for any damages on the off chance that a problem occurred to your products during transit.

Throughout this process, you can contact us through email here, or by the phone number 866-848-3473.


If your product arrived through Standard Delivery

If your product arrived through a delivery service such as UPS or FedEx this is considered Standard Delivery. You will have 30 days to call 866-848-3473 to report any internal or external damages to your product. You will need a photo of the product and the damage to submit. You also need to keep the original packaging of the product.


If your product arrived through Freight Delivery

If your product arrived through specialized delivery and you required a drop-off time, and/or to sign for your shipment, this is likely freight delivery. Follow the steps listed below to inspect your shipment and report any damages. Keep in mind if you authorize the shipping company to leave your shipment without a signature, or you leave a note accepting the signature, both instances are the same as if you signed for the product in good condition, and Fireplace Deals cannot be held liable for any damages or missing pieces.

You will have ONE day to call 866-848-3473 to report any damages after a freight delivery. You will need to note damaged or missing pieces on the receipt when you sign for it, as well as taking a photo of the damaged part of the product. You also need to keep the original packaging of the shipment.


Inspecting items shipped through Freight Delivery:

  • Follow the steps on this page for successful freight delivery.
  • Check the piece or pallet count on the receipt matches the number of pieces or pallets you received.
    • If something is missing write this on the delivery receipt before signing.
      For example: “received 2 of 3 pieces.”
    • Then as soon as possible, and within one day, call 866-848-3473 to inform us you are missing part of your shipment. We will then coordinate with the shipping company to either locate the lost pieces or pallets, or we will replace them.
  • Check the external packaging for damages.
    • This may not be an indication of internal damage. But if you notice damage to the external packaging, open the box and check for internal or concealed damage before signing.
    • If the shipping company will not allow you to open or inspect the inside of the packages, simply write “damaged” on the receipt before signing. If you sign the receipt without noting damages, legally you have confirmed you have received your shipment in good condition.
    • If the shipping company will not allow you to write “damages” on the receipt, call us immediately at 866-848-3473. If you cannot call, or cannot reach us, refuse the shipment. This will not invalidate your order. Try again to get in contact with us later and we will work hard to get you your shipment in good condition as soon as possible.
  • If you see no visible external damage sign for and accept your shipment.
  • Once the driver has left inspect the entire package for any internal or concealed damage.
    • You have one day to call 866-848-3473 and report any internal damages.
  • If you have any questions, or problems contact us at 866-848-3473.
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