Freight Delivery is reserved for Items that are too big, too bulky, or too delicate to be transported through standard shipping services such as FedEx or UPS. Below are the steps that the freight delivery process will take for you to receive your shipment. 

Things to remember: list your main contact number during checkout so the delivery company can contact you easily to schedule an appointment. Freight delivery will drop the shipment off on the curb. It is your responsibility to bring the shipment onto your property. You will need to inspect and sign for your shipment as it arrives.

For more information, please visit the Delivery Inspection page.


1. Schedule

Once the freight delivery company receives your order, they will call you using whatever phone number you wrote on your order. You will know if you have freight delivery because your confirmation email will list freight delivery as the shipment method. It is important you use the best number to reach you so the delivery process will not be slowed by the freight company not being able to reach you. You will then need to schedule a window of time for your delivery. This can be anywhere from 4 to 8 hours in length. Plan to be at your home for the entirety of this time frame.


2. Curbside Delivery

Freight delivery will leave your entire shipment at the curb. You will be responsible to move the shipment onto your property. We recommend you recruit at least two helpers to assist you in moving the pieces or pallets up to your backyard or up your driveway.


3. Be On-time on Delivery Day

You will need to be physically present at the delivery spot during your appointment. Your delivery appointment will be a window of time between 4 and 8 hours. You need to be at your home for the entire time so you can sign for the delivery.  Items are shipped through freight delivery when they are too heavy or bulky for standard shipping. So, make sure you have other people on standby to assist with moving your shipment from the curb to your property. Freight delivery drivers are instructed to drop the shipments off on the curb, and not on your property.


4. Inspect

For a more detailed explanation on how to inspect your product visit the Delivery Inspection page. Make sure the sticker number on the shipment matches the number on the receipt. Look for any external damage on the outer packaging. Ensure all pieces or pallets are included.


5. Sign for Shipment

Note any damages on the receipt before signing. If you don’t see any tears in the external packaging sign the receipt. If you didn’t receive all the pieces of your shipment note this on the receipt before signing. We ask you only refuse the delivery if multiple items are damaged. But call us immediately in case of any sort of damage.


6. Unpack and Inspect

If the shipment is in good condition, and you signed the receipt, you will then need to move it off the curb to a safe location to open the shipment. Smaller items may be packed in larger ones, so unpack the shipment completely. Inspect for any internal damages or missing items.  Verify the model number of your products and note any inconsistencies.


7. Call Us

You will have ONE day to contact us with any problems with the delivery, including damage to items or incomplete delivery. Submit a ticket or call us at 866-848-3473. If you refuse the order, call us immediately.

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